Define a new Query Extraction with the BOARD Designer. The following screen pops up:


Click the binocular button to open the search dialog. A query will be unique identified by the workspace, the user group and the query name. You can restrict your search using wildcards ( * ). Once you find the right query, click the OK button to transfer the query to the editor.


In the main Window you see the so-called Select Options. These are the selection criteria, you’d see if you start the query in the SAP GUI.


You have to select a variant (see chapter Apply Variants) or a value for the maximum number of rows (see chapter Extraction Settings).


  1. start by creating a variant, which you create and test in SAP GUI beforehand
  2. in the next step, you can use Edit Entering select options

In general, selection parameters overwrite the selected variant. This ensures that there are possible combinations for the selection.