Xtract Universal logs all steps performed on a system to log files. This happens on two levels: The server log contains logs that affect the server, such as starting and stopping the server and the execution of a single extraction. In addition, there are extraction logs, which contain detailed information on each extraction process.

To view the server log, please click in the main menu on Server -> Log. As the screenshot shows a log will be generated per day. To switch between protocols you can use the list on the left.


Each log entry is assigned a log level. The following log levels exist:

Errors – are errors.

Information – about activities, that have not resulted in an error.

Debug Details – are detail information that are not usually needed.

You can select the checkboxes on the top left to decide, which log levels should be showed. Using the Copy To Clipboard button, the current log output is copied to the clipboard and can be pasted when needed in an email.