The installer is an industry-standard installation routine that copies all necessary files into the program directory and creates a menu item for BOARD with a few shortcuts.
The installer will silently install the Visual C++ 2005 Runtime libraries.


is the BOARD Connector server that can be started as a console program.


is the BOARD Connector Designer.


is the BOARD Connector Server that can be started as a Windows service.


is a tool to register the Server as a Windows service.

The subdirectory config is created automatically with the first extraction and contains all extractions and log files.

New Installation
A newer version can be installed without uninstalling the older version. All settings and created objects remain. Before installing a new version, we recommend creating a backup of the installation directory or of the config subdirectory. This allows you to easily revert to the previous version of the BOARD Connector if needed.

All settings related to extraction, source, destination, etc. are stored in the config subdirectory. We recommend regular backups of this folder.