The next step is to load an extraction in BOARD using the data reader. In the BOARD designer we defined the extraction plants, which extract the plants table T001W from SAP. In BOARD we defined the entity plants, in which we want to load the SAP data. Now select Database -> Data Reader -> SAP -> New Protocol to create a new protocol.


Now create a new connection for the BOARD Connector Server. Optional you can select an existing connection. Set a name and the URL of the BOARD Connector server (e.g. localhost:8098). Then click OK.


Now you see in the SAP tab on the left hand side a list of all exitsting extractions grouped by extraction type. Now select the extraction plants. In the window below you see now the list of all available fields including description and datatype information.


Now select the MDB tab and select the fields Code and Desc of the entity Plants. The selected fields will appear in the top region of the form. In the column Position map each field of your entity to an SAP field. In the column Action select the corresponding entry.

Now fill in the field Title with a name and click OK.


Now execute the DataReader to extract the SAP data.


After executing the DataReader you can see in the protocol how many rows have been loaded into the entity.