Helpful Transactions in the SAP System for Working with DataSources

Initial setup

  • SBIW - SAP DataSources start page
  • RSA3 - Extractor Checker
  • RSA5 - Installing DataSources and Hierarchies from Business Content
  • RSA6 - Postprocess DataSources and Hierarchies
  • SM59 - Configuration of RFC Connections

Error analysis

  • SMQS - qRFC Monitor (QOUT Scheduler): Number of Max.Conn. should be at least 10
  • SM37 - Background jobs
  • SM58 - Transactional RFC
  • SM50 - Process overview
  • SMGW - Gateway Monitor


  • RSA7 - Delta Queue Maintenance
  • SMQ1 - qRFC Monitor (outbound queue)
  • WE02 - IDoc list
  • WE20 - Partner profiles


Execute DeltaQ in parallel

You can execute multiple DataSource with the same RFC destination in parallel. However, it is recommended to use a separate RFC destination for each parallel DeltaQ extraction, for example XTRACT01, XTRACT02, and so on.