The Xtract BW Cube data source component was developed to extract data from SAP BW InfoCubes and QueryCubes (also known as BEx Queries).

After the definition of a BW Cube data source the following screen pops up:


Click the binocular button to open up the search dialog as shown below.

You can also use wildcards ( * ) to search for InfoCubes and QueryCubes. Select the cube you want to work with and click OK.

Warning! Invalid action
A BW Query must have the attribute Allow External Access to this Query switched on in the BEx Query Designer or the BW Modeling Tool to appear in the list.

For additional details see the knowledge base article Allow external access to BW Queries.


After having chosen a cube, you will find all dimensions, key figures and dimension properties on the left-hand side of the editor. These parameters are presented hierarchically in a tree view.

To extract one or more of these cube elements, drag and drop them to the grid on the right-hand side. If you are choosing the property of a dimension that is not yet contained in the result set, the dimension will be added automatically as well.


If at least one measure has been selected, you can see the extraction output in the browser after clicking the Run button.

To select all the properties of a dimension or all key figures, right-click on the corrrespondent node and select the option Select for Output.


If you are interested in the MDX statement that is generated in the background, please click the Show MDX link at the top of the editor.