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Welcome to the Online Help for ERPConnect Services.

ERPConnect Services (ECS) includes the components ERPConnect Services Runtime (ECS Runtime), WebService Designer and BCS Connector.

The following table shows the features of the components in comparison:

  ERPConnect Service Runtime  WebService Designer  BCS Connector 
What  .NET & SharePoint Apps
Mobile (iOS, Android, WinRT)
Web services
SharePoint hosted web services
based on dynamic graphical process flow and SAP objects 

External content types based
on SAP objects
(default BCS functionality) 

How  Coding with Visual Studio
Designer plug-in for Visual Studio 
No Coding
Graphical Designer 
No Coding
Stand-alone Designer 
Purpose  Individual Scenarios
High flexibility
Simple & complex scenarios
Read / Write access 
Simple list-based Scenarios
Read / Write access 
Common use cases    Individual SharePoint Apps
.NET / WPF / WinRT apps
JavaScript Apps
Mobile Apps
Consumer of REST Services
Consumer of Web Services
Consumer of Web Servcies, e.g.:
Forms (InfoPath or Nintex)
Workflows (SharePoint or Nintex)
SharePoint Apps
Non-SharePoint Apps 

Consumer of external context types, e.g.:
- External lists
- External columns / Lookup lists 
- Workflows (Nintex)

Who  Developers  Power Users & Architects  Power Users & Architects 

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